Forever Emerald is a SoCal Pop Rock group founded at Musician’s Institute where the members (Devin, Brodie, & Tay) became fast friends and brought their diverse musical backgrounds together. They each bring raw energy to the stage following in the footsteps of their Warped Tour Idols with music discussing the problems faced transitioning into adulthood, first loves, to self-doubt told from the mouth of babes.


Devin Papadol

Devin Papadol was born in Los Angeles California. Raised by her ballerina, show tunes-loving mother and her father, who came to LA to pursue acting; she was always encouraged to be creative. Devin adored singing from a young age but it wasn't until her family relocated to the suburbs of Thousand Oaks, CA that she developed a nitch for live performance. She overcame her stage fright by joining her middle school choir and continuing to sing in the advanced choral groups till her senior year of high school. After over 7 years of classical training, Devin moved back to the city in 2016 to further her experience with contemporary music and gain her Associates Degree in Vocal Performance at Musicians Institute in Hollywood. Since then she has started Forever Emerald with fellow students and sang alongside her biggest musical idol, Paramore. 


Brodie Higgs

Brodie Higgs is from Sanger, Texas where he studied guitar for 7 years under the instruction of Victor Gann. He also performed in A Cappella choirs during his entire high school career. At 18, he moved from Sanger to Hollywood, California in order to study at Musicians Institute for his Associate Of Arts Degree in Guitar Performance. Brodie just recently completed his Luthier Certification (also from MI) after graduating in March 2018 with honors. Brodie is the latest guitarist addition of Forever Emerald, having joined in November of 2018. He also is now a guitar tech at Schecter Guitars.


Tay Fischer

Tay Fischer was born and raised in Orange County, California. Growing up on artists like Fall Out Boy, she's always had a passion for pop-punk music. Wondering how she could get involved in the same genre that ignited her adornment for music; she picked up the bass and fell in love. She had met the rest of the band while studying to receive a major in Bass Performance and a minor in Music Business. She did so to gain understanding and knowledge of both sides of the monster known as the entertainment industry. Seen performing with Forever Emerald, she has experienced gigging all around the greater Los Angeles area with other well-known acts such as Jada Facer (NBC's Melissa & Joey) and Sara Sangfelt (Swedish Idol). She's also gotten the chance to intern at Sumerian Records, Fearless Records, and Hopeless Records. Tay hopes to shed light on the lack of female representation in rock music with her involvement and hopes to make the scene a safer space.